OHSCO Workplace Violence Specific Risk Assessment Tool

(developed by the former OHSCO group)

You only need to fill out the Assessments for Specific Risks that are relevant to your workplace or to specific jobs or locations. If the risk listed is not present, Click "no" . If the risk is present, click on the "yes" button and then additional questions about measures and procedures and information about controls will appear. When filling in recommended controls, take into consideration the protection of all workers in the workplace, including those who may be more vulnerable to violence.

You are not required to use all or any of the examples of controls. There may be other controls that are more suitable to your workplace's circumstances and to controlling the risks of workplace violence that you identify.

Your workplace may have additional risks that are not covered by these Workplace Violence Assessments, or you may need to customize them for your workplace once the action plan is developed

Click here to access the full OHSCO Workplace Violence Risk Assessment Toolbox

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